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              Parthenia Manor Senior Club




A Merry Word from the Office


In the event you have a problem in your apartment, please be sure to write a note and give it either to Dorothy Johnson or Donna. We will get the situation taken care of as soon as possible. Please do not put those notes in the rent drop box, as this box is checked every day once the rent and gas payments are in, therefore, your problem can be overlooked for sometime and there will be no response to your problem.

Please be sure to write down your situation and see that is handed to Dorothy or the office.

Again, we would like to remind you that there should be nothing on the walkways that impair residents from moving freely along the landings. Please do not place plants, containers of any kind or electric vehicles on the landings which can inhibit movements of others. Let’s keep the walkways clear so everyone can move freely throughout the complex.

Please remember the Christmas Party on December 7th, lot of great food and entertainment. Be sure to join us


Wishing all of you a very

Merry Christmass with your friends and

loved ones and a New Year filled

with happiness, health and

good fortune.

Joe, Steve and Donna


















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