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Shooting the Rapids of Pagsanjan Falls


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To our mind, shooting the rapids of Pagsanjan Falls is practically the bangkeros’ show. We were amazed at the dexterity of the Pagsanjeno boatmen by how they navigate through the dangerous curves of the gorge to ensure the safety of their passengers. A simple miscalculation could turn-turtle the banca resulting to injuries of the passengers.


To honor the brave boatmen who ferry the daily visitors to Pagsanjan Falls, the city government of Pagsanjan launched the Bangkero Festival in May 1999. The Bangkero Festival held in March was conceptualized as a showcase for the bravery of the bangkeros.


The 5-day festival opens with the Best Banca Presentation, Best Float and Street Dancing. The best banca presentation is a contest for decorated boats and floats being paraded through the town’s main streets while the street dancing is a parade of students from different schools donned in colorful and attractive costumes swaying to the beat of upbeat music.


The second day of the festival highlights the regatta or Karera ng mga Bangka. The third day showcases the contest for the Best Decorated Gantungan (Boat Garage) and the Cleanest Pampang. A search for Ginoong Bangkero (Mr. Boatman) is held on the fourth day of celebration. Climaxing the Bangkero Festival is the fluvial parade choosing the Best River Float, Most Attractive Bancas and the search for Lakan at Hiywas ng Pagsanjan.


Shooting the rapids in Pagsanjan Falls is truly a thrilling and a scary lifetime experience as well. But for the daring it’s worth the try. Don’t just take our word for it. Experience shooting the rapids yourself when you next visit the Philippines. Honestly speaking, the ride down the Pagsanjan gorge is not for the faint of heart.


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The Bangkero Festival held every March is a fluvial parade honoring the boatmen of Pagsanjan.

Shooting the rapids of Pagsanjan Falls.

The gorge to Pagsanjan Falls.

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