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Christmas Philippine Style

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Philippine Christmas is not Christmas without caroling. Carolers visit houses singing Christmas songs in English and Pilipino to raise funds for a youth and church project or for any other purpose. With the advent of the Karaoke and the one-man band, caroling in the Philippines has gone high tech. At times instant Christmas dance parties are held at the hosts’ request.









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December 2006 Internet Edition

Noche Buena


Hamon (ham), lechon (roasted pig), fried chicken, adobo, embotido, queso de bola among others make a scrumptious Christmas dinner called noche buena. For desserts take leche flan, ube, cassava cake and other native delicacies. The noche buena is an occasion for a family get-together, some coming from the provinces and abroad to partake a sumptuous meal after the midnight mass on Christmas Eve.


Mano Po Ninong/Ninang


Mano Po Ninong or Mano Po Ninang is a Filipino greeting of respect to godfathers and godmothers on Christmas Day. The god children will kiss the hand of their godfathers/godmothers greeting them Mano Po Ninong or Mano Po Ninang expecting for their aguinaldos (Christmas gifts). By tradition, godfathers and godfathers are expected to stay home on Christmas Day waiting for their inaanaks (godchildren). This in a nutshell is Philippine Christmas


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The Nativity or crèche (Belen in Filipino) is a popular Christmas scene in parks, front yards and churches during the holiday season. The life-size statues above depict the visit of the three wise men known as the Magi on the Holy Family. Picture was taken at the Luneta Park in Manila where the Philippines’ national hero, Dr. Jose P. Rizal, was shot by Spanish musketry on December 30, 1896 two years before the American Forces liberated the country from Spanish rule.



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Christmas Philippine Style


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